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Welcome to KMW Motorsports located in Boca Raton Florida.  My name is Kevin Wheeler, and I have been building, maintaining and racing Porsche racecars for over 25 years. Originally I was co-owner of Autosport South, a Porsche racecar and service shop from 1988-2000. Then I became the crew chief at Champion racing for drivers Randy Pobst and Derek Bell from 2000-2003. Finally, I opened KMW Motorsports in 2004. My goal since then has been to conduct honest service work, build racecars and help people have fun in the sport of auto-racing.

We have 3 full time employees Mark Landis, our main engine builder and fabricator, Paul Wheeler and Emil Etzler, our do it all guys. For part time employees, we have Dave Richey, Matt Boyer and Alan Ludwig, collectively have proven to be phenomenal mechanics and track fly-ins. All of us here at KMW Motorsports have been on the race track one way or another for many years. We keep a good family environment and love what we do.