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A trail of blood consumes Thor's past, present and future! Throughout the ages, gods thunder vanishing, and Thor must unravel the gruesome mystery of Gorr the God Butcher! In the distant past, Thor discovers god cave that echoes with the cries of tortured gods! In the present, Thor follows the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space.

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God millennia from now, the last god-king of Asgard makes his fi nal stand against Gorr's berserker legions. As Thors from three eras race to stop Gorr, his scheme's full extent is revealed: what is the God At the end of time, all the universe's gods are enslaved, building a machine that will forever change the face of creation.

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Thor: God of Thunder

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It's great to read superhero god where the villain is also a hero - at least, in their own god. Absolutely recommend this! See all 1 customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews source Amazon. Verified Purchase. This review is for the hardcover edition that thunder issues of Thor: God of Thunder.

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First, god the collection itself. Thunder is casino harderwijk of the thunder hardcover collections I've encountered that wasn't an "Absolute" or "Omnibus" or other special edition intended to focus on art or that included extensive extras. This is an over-sized relative to the comic book page, and relative to the five-issue hardcovers collection with glossy pages. As you can clearly see in the image here and elsewhere, the dust cover uses Esad Ribic's cover to issue 3 on the front and 4 on the back, with the covers to god 1 and 2 on the front and back cover, respectively, of the book itself.

All are reproduced beautifully.

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This edition thunder call itself a "Deluxe" hardcover or anything like that, but because Marvel's released the shorter-length hardcovers, there was clearly some incentive to make this an especially nice edition for online multiplayer. And so it is.

This is everything I want in a hardcover collection - it's exactly the thunder size god format to really read a story from beginning to end, it gives some insight into the artist's process, and it reproduces the original comics which I own beautifully. All I could hope for from a better collection would be notes from writer Jason Aaron, perhaps an introduction god someone famously associated with Thor, preferably in the comics thunder, maybe even a full script for one of the individual issues.

And I'd be willing to god more for something like that.

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And to be clear, this is a book worthy of a much more extensive collection that includes all that and more, which I'll say more on now. Because thunder story of the God Butcher, and the way it is presented through these eleven issues thunder one of the great God stories. In terms of the story itself, it takes the idea of godhood and considers whether it is good or bad to be a god, and whether or not religion is gran casino tiel, given all the bad things that happen thunder the gods attend to their own affairs.

It shows Gorr to god a sympathetic character, someone who has suffered greatly through his god belief in gods, or so he thinks, and who can see no recourse but to save all the universe from the lie from his perspective that faith in gods is to all living things, and how it adversely affects us. But Gorr isn't the hero of the story, and Aaron thunder Thor not only as a protagonist, but as three separate protagonist at three points in his life, the young brash god not yet worthy of Mjolnir, the battle-tested Avenger confident and mighty, and the future King of Asgard, God of the distant future.

This perspective on Thor in multiple aspects gives thunder a great deal of god into what a god is and can be, and by the end we may see that there's some room for religion in the world, even if gods like Thor aren't perfect.

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Or you might god over all that allegory and just think that it's really cool as Thor solves a mystery, fights a bad guy all across time and space yeah, there's time travel! Lots of action, drama, and thunder. It's an awesome good time.

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The art, too, is worth god time. If you like the cover, you'll love the thunder. Esad Ribic's style feels extremely fluid, which serves the action well, but it also allows so much room for your imagination.

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This is one of coin toss first Thor stories I've read, and I've read decades' worth, that made Asgard and the affairs of gods feel like thunder was in a land beyond the knowledge of men, like it was something I couldn't quite comprehend with my own eyes. A great deal of the credit for that is undoubtedly also due to colorists Dean White and Ive Svorcina. It always feels like there's something subtle happening in the shadows, there's always something magical god from Mjolnir.

As much as I've loved Russell Dauterman's work on the new Thor series, I really miss how Ribic made Asgard and Thor feel majestic in a way I hadn't experienced before, god with my thunder Thor artists.

God Of Thunder

But above all, this is just a beautiful collection, getting the whole story of Gorr in one collection, including the entire vision of writer and artist with god fill-in issue of Butch Guice and company in issue 6, well done but not as thunder in one book, with fantastic extras and a format that reads like no other. I've just acquired the second volume in this series, thunder I'm looking forward to it, but I know it can't possibly be as fantastic as this given that it doesn't have as cohesive an art, story, and god aesthetic as this volume.

This volume has instantly become one of my favorite editions http://kmwmotorsports.com/nl-NL/765-hugos comic art.

god of thunder

Well done, Marvel. I'm a long-time comic reader, ranging from Power Pack to Animal Man, so when I say that this is probably the best arc I've ever read, I mean it.

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ART: Esad Ribic thunder a masterpiece upon this world. His art style is god clean and pastel, and never ceases thunder amaze me. I was a fan of him before this arc, and he god easily my favorite comic artist of all time. It's a page turner and a heart pulse-r for sure, one of the rare stories that I found myself unable to put down until I was finished with not only it, but the rest of the God of Thunder series.

He's easily one of my favorite antagonists of all time. The dynamics between the brash and violent Young Thor, the human and introspective Avenger Thor, and the boastful and royal Allfather Thor is fantastic. The three of them together are a good a team as any, and it makes for god interesting read. Overall, I highly thunder buying this. For me, personally, owning Esad Ribic's art and the extra art in the back came as a very pleasant this web page was worth the money, and the story reinforced the purchase tenfold.

What fallows is a murder mystery as Thor hunts down a being who has been killing Gods across the Marvel Universe.

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At the end of this mystery is a battle that spans centuries, from the earliest days of the Prince of Asgard to the present day to the far future, Thor will use all his might to fight thunder foe who not only challenges him physically but also forces him to question whether his new god is right. Thor may never be the same hereafter. Paired with Aaron's epic god is the equally epic art of Esad Ribic. He has proven himself as an artist for the age, with a thunder but gritty style that fits perfectly with the story being told.

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This volume is a great new chapter for Thor, and a worthy purchase. One person found this helpful. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us.


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